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Ballast Nedam


The issue

Ballast Nedam is involved in area and project development, urban restructuring, large, logistically complex projects and renovation tasks. In the field of mobility, Ballast Nedam is working on accessibility with an eye for quality of life and safety. They provide maintenance and management, and also develop and realize built objects for road, rail, air and water traffic.

Ballast Nedam’s equipment organization manages, maintains and rents out all equipment that the parent organization needs for current projects. This was the challenge BNM approached Xeelas with: How can we see how and when our generators are used by our internal customers?

Our solution

With the predecessor of the Xeelas G series a connection has been made with the generator. At that time it was possible for BNM to see in the Xeelas portal when the machines were in use and what the correct hours were. In addition, a real-time location was of great value on the extensive construction projects that Ballast Nedam carries out.

The hours are used at BNM to determine when maintenance must be performed and what must be invoiced. This is all done from their ERP system. Xeelas has therefore realised a link with the existing ERP system and this ensures that BNM employees always have the most accurate information.

The result 

This project had an impact on several levels within the BNM organization. The technicians and drivers in the field spend less time searching for the generators. The planners now know exactly when maintenance is required and the machines therefore have less failures. The invoices are now based on the exact usage by the internal customer and this results in satisfied customers.


“The world is changing and projects like this allow us to continue to develop. The cooperation with Xeelas in this was very pleasant. Our employees have learned a lot through Xeelas’ open attitude and our process has become faster and more accurate due to the automation around our machines. ”


Jeffrey Hoffmann

Director, Ballast Nedam Materieel

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