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About Xeelas

Meet team Xeelas

We are a team of engineers. We want to help our partners to be successful in the new digital world. We are adventurous and pragmatic. That’s why we develop progressive IIoT solutions for progressive companies; companies that want to optimise their customer service with the help of new technology.

Xeelas’ DNA

We work with the latest technology every day. That influences the way we view the world and the industrial sector. You can consider our vision to be the double helix of Xeelas. It’s what we are made of; those building blocks reveal who we are, what we stand for and what you can expect from us. Our five building blocks are:

Innovate continuously

Continuous innovation with a lot of nerve; never stop developing and testing new solutions.

Flexible organisational structure

Maintaining our flexible organisational structure allows us to keep up with new developments and the needs of our partners.

High-quality IoT products

Develop high-quality IoT products that do what they are supposed to do in the demanding world of our partners.

Enable business cases

Develop practical applications that enable more and more business cases for our partners. The key to doing business is the other party that’s involved.

Creating scalability

Creating scalability with new technology. Partners must be able to run more production with less costs.



Try a demo set now!

We have a passion for 2 things: IoT and industrial machines. Let us help you bring those two techniques together. Please contact us.

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