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The issue

With more than 5000 objects, such as generators, lighting columns, transformers and battery storage systems, the family business Bredenoord brings energy to places where it is not always self-evident. At the beginning of 2018, Bredenoord came to us with the question: We want to take another step forward in the digital world. How do we connect our fleet?

Our solution

The user stories revealed that Bredenoord wanted to view location determination, hours, alarms and the fuel level of the generators in the field 24/7.

We arranged this by placing two different types of hardware near the generators: a box where energy is charged and a box for when no energy source is available.

In addition, the user stories showed that there had to be one clear dashboard, where the various employees can view information relevant to them. For example, a driver wants to know the exact location of the generators he needs to pick up, a planner wants to know when to refuel and the service technician wants to see the hours so that he knows when to carry out maintenance work. Our engineers have developed such a dashboard.


Together with Xeelas, Bredenoord has taken that coveted step forward to connect their fleet of machines.

What did the digitisation process bring Bredenoord?

  • Work is done more efficiently and effectively

  • Users have 24/7 insight into the status of the boxes in the field and can anticipate this

  • A potential savings of 750k on operational costs per year.

  • Much more customer value because there is now complete certainty about what the machine does in the field.


“Together with Xeelas, we have developed robust hardware that works even under the extreme conditions our machines are exposed to. This IoT solution helps us to reduce costs and increases our value to the customer.”

Jaap Fluit
CEO, Bredenoord

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