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Dixi Sanitary services BV


The issue

Dixi is the market leader in the field of temporary sanitary solutions in the Netherlands for the construction industry, at events, recreation, markets and parties. They have a fleet of equipment that includes portable toilets, mobile showers, toilet cubicles, toilet trucks and mobile bathrooms. In addition, they provide cleaning services for mobile equipment of third parties such as park services, construction companies and sheltered workshops. Dixi has clients whose delivery trolleys, which Dixi has to keep clean, move almost daily. This is difficult for their drivers because they receive an order with an address in the morning and when they arrive the car can already be gone.

Dixi had a problem locating the relevant canteen in almost 25% of the cleaning jobs. This cost the drivers time and ultimately resulted in additional costs, jeopardizing profitability.

Our solution 

Xeelas supplied a robust tracker that could be mounted outside on the canteen. The solution had to withstand the conditions in which these cars are used. In construction, equipment must be able to take a beating and even vandalism is a real risk.

The system that Xeelas made available for Dixi included the Xeelas Portal. This meant that Dixi’s planners no longer had to manually enter the locations of the canteen. Now they get a real-time location from the system and can easily adjust the order of the objects to be cleaned with the planning tool and prepare it for the drivers.

The result

The bottom line was less time and miles wasted searching for canteen. Ultimately, this meant a higher profitability for this service and satisfied customers who could make use of a nice clean canteen. 

Dixi Testimonial [KPN]

Dixi Testimonial [KPN]

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“We are very pleased with the collaboration with Xeelas. The most important thing for us is the time and energy they put into listening to our needs.”


Rene Schreuder

Director, Dixi Sanitary services BV

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